In podiatry, radio frequency nerve ablation (RFNA) is a procedure used to treat nerve pain in the feet. This nerve pain is typically associated with conditions such as plantar fasciitis or trapped nerves. In nerve ablation, an electrical current is produced by radio frequencies. This electrical current is used to heat up a tiny portion of the nerve sheath, disrupting its ability to sense pain and send signals to the brain. This same nerve typically senses pain caused by various heel problems; using RFNA to treat this nerve can therefore reduce pain in the feet.

Treatment with RFNA is minimally invasive and involves the insertion of a small probe near the problem area. The probe then feeds an electric current to the area, creating heat and reducing pain. The process itself typically lasts for a short period of time before nerve function is disabled and pain relief is delivered. Relief following one treatment of RFNA can last up to several months.

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